Just a few weeks have passed since the dancing and singing ended at Latvia’s most beautiful celebration - the Song and Festival Celebration. Each subsequent celebration is more colourful, vivid and resonant. © The Latvian Society for the Blind, 2018 A few years ago, it would have been unimaginable that visually impaired people would participate in this event. Now we can be genuinely be truly proud that the world has become much more accessible to such people and not just physically. We Lasīt tālāk [...]
During its five year history, the service dog association TEODORS has trained eight guide dogs and one assistance dog, which, pursuant to Latvian legislation, are registered by the Agricultural Data Centre (ADC). Bearing in mind that a service dog’s skills deteriorate over time, it is vital to occasionally refresh and augment them. Since these dogs are entrusted with keeping a person safe and even alive, for more than a year now, the TEODORS organization in Latvia has been testing and certifying Lasīt tālāk [...]
A year ago, the Chairman of our service dog association TEODORS, Aleksejs Volkovs  lost his best friend, guide dog Teodors. We would like to train and deliver a new guide dog into his care in time for Christmas! Please help us to make this festive gift come true! A year ago, we received the sad news that our first guide dog, who gave the organisation its name, had suddenly fallen seriously ill. The vets did everything in their powers to save him. Right until the end, everyone hoped that Teodors Lasīt tālāk [...]
This year, on 16th of July, it was the third anniversary of my working relationship with my guide dog Feja. On September 23rd, we’ll celebrate the dog’s fifth birthday. Yes, it was exactly three years ago that, as a first group invalid, I received a guide dog trained by Service dog association TEODORS. I must admit that the presence of a guide dog at my side marked the start of a new period in my life. Unquestionably, I started a much more mobile and active life. Time flies and therefore I’d Lasīt tālāk [...]
To mark International Guide Dog Day on 26 April, the Service dog association TEODORS organised a public lecture, "People and Service Dogs". Guests attending the lecture learned about the organisation’s contribution to the service dog movement in Latvia during its four years in operation, and about the fruits of this work- six professional guide dogs, who have taken tests, passed exams and obtained a guide dog certificate. The audience attending the lectures also had the chance to learn about the Lasīt tālāk [...]
On Saturday, 1 October, Riga hosted an international guide dog competition. The competition featured pairs of competitors from Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The Latvian team was represented by Līga Ķikute with her dog Rīga and Viktors Sergejevs with his dog Neira. This time, the competition was organised by Latvia in the form of the Service dog association TEODORS and its trainers, members and volunteer helpers. Throughout the day, all the participants were provided with snacks and hot drinks, Lasīt tālāk [...]
The hike across the Island of Örö was organised by the Finnish Society for Blind Children, who kindly invited us, Theodorians, to take part. Participants from Latvia in the hike were visually impaired Andris Ošāns with his dog Feja and Natalja and Ivans Muravjovs with their dog Latti. They accompanied by their friends Zaiga, Juha and Ligita. We departed from Riga in the late afternoon and stayed overnight in Tallinn. From there, we took the early morning ferry to Helsinki, before embarking Lasīt tālāk [...]
Dawn had only just broken on the morning of Sunday, 11 September, when the association’s first guide Teodors fell asleep forever. Unfortunately, in his case, medicine was powerless. His preordained destiny proved to be stronger than Teodors’ will to live, our efforts, support and hopes! Thanks to the large number of donors, Teodors recently underwent an operation in which a large tumor, one rib and a small part of his lungs were removed. Although the operation was successful and Teodors recovered Lasīt tālāk [...]
On 13 August, organisation asked for the help of the general public in connection with the sudden illness of our main guide dog Teodors, who was diagnosed as having a tumour, which left him fighting for his life. Thankfully, the response from the general public was and continues to be considerable. To date, we have received approximately EUR 4,000 to cover the costs of Teodors’ medical treatment. Teodors is a special dog who means a great deal to us and therefore we are doing everything possible Lasīt tālāk [...]
With the appearance of the spring sunshine, our association resumed its activities outdoors! The 2016 International Guide Dog Day in Latvia This spring, we were delighted to receive the news that a project we submitted entitled "Provision of Social Assistance" had received support from Latvijas Valsts meži/ziedot.lv. We deliberately scheduled the first of a cycle of seminars to take place on International Guide Dogs Day, which was celebrated on 27 April this year. In the early afternoon, Lasīt tālāk [...]