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  • Annual report 2018
    This has been the year of Latvia’s big anniversary – the year in which it celebrated its centenary! Meanwhile, this year the popular ensemble “Menuets” also celebrated a major birthday – its 50th…
  • The first training camp in Latvia for service dogs
    During its five year history, the service dog association TEODORS has trained eight guide dogs and one assistance dog, which, pursuant to Latvian legislation, are registered by the Agricultural Data Centre (ADC)…
  • Help Serena become a guide dog
    A year ago, the Chairman of our service dog association TEODORS, Aleksejs Volkovs lost his best friend, guide dog Teodors. We would like to train and deliver a new guide dog into his care in time for Christmas! Please help us to make this festive gift come true!
  • A Hike in Finland across Fort Örö
    The hike across the Island of Örö was organised by the Finnish Society for Blind Children, who kindly invited us, Theodorians, to take part. Participants from Latvia…
  • TEODORS– Spring 2016
    With the appearance of the spring sunshine, our association resumed its activities outdoors!
  • Boating along the Daugava
    In my opinion, this was a truly memorable event. Undoubtedly, before now, nobody had had the audacity to do anything like this in Latvia…
Serena in summer, 2018

Serena in summer, 2018