TeodorsOn 13 August, organisation asked for the help of the general public in connection with the sudden illness of our main guide dog Teodors, who was diagnosed as having a tumour, which left him fighting for his life. Thankfully, the response from the general public was and continues to be considerable. To date, we have received approximately EUR 4,000 to cover the costs of Teodors’ medical treatment. Teodors is a special dog who means a great deal to us and therefore we are doing everything possible to ensure that he makes a full recovery. On 17 August, Teodors underwent an operation. Technically, the operation was a success and our Teodors has survived it. Teodors is now recovering from his ordeal at a temporary home where he is together with his master Aleksejs. Currently, Teodors feels as well as can expected under the circumstances. He is doing a bit of walking, but he spends most of the day with his head in Aleksejs’ lap. They are both happy to have the opportunity to be together. Many thanks for your support and please keep your fingers crossed that Teodors is soon up and about, fit and well!

We will only be able to inform you about the progress of the operation and final examination results in a few days’ time when the laboratory test results have been received and assessed. The same applies to all the expenses in connection with the operation.

The money that you have so kindly donated will be used to pay for all the medicines and treatment that Teodors needs. Any money left over will be used to cover the medical costs of other guide dogs.

At present, the organisation has 10 current and future guide dogs under its care. Since, visually impaired people are not in a financial position to pay for the dogs’ veterinary services; the organisation takes care of these expenditures for them.

Our sincerest thanks to everybody who has made a donation, supported us, kept their fingers crossed and prayed. In translation, “Teodors” means “God given” and in our hearts he’s exactly that.

23 August 2016


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