The service dog association TEODORS was founded on 12 April 2013.
We were officially confirmed as a public benefit organisation on 27 January 2016.

The association’s goal is to:

encourage the full integration of people, including children, with special needs into society with the help of service dogs.

veicināt cilvēku ar invaliditāti, ieskaitot bērnus, pilnvērtīgu iekļaušanos sabiedrībā ar servisa suņu palīdzību.

The association’s tasks are to:

  • encourage the growth of the guide dog and other service dog (therapeutic and assistant) movement in Latvia;
  • attract financial, material, intellectual and other resources for the attainment of the association’s objectives;
  • attract long-term donations for the purchase, lifelong rearing, care and training of service dogs.

If you want to:

  • change your life and buy a service dog;
  • obtain information and learn about keeping, caring for and training service dogs;
  • sharing and receiving the experience of other service dog holders;
  • help attract funds for the purchase, training and upkeep of service dogs,

then give this thoughtful consideration and please feel welcome to visit the Service Dog association TEODORS!

Private individuals and legal entities can join the association by submitting a specific written application form for acceptance onto the list of the association’s members. You can receive more information about the application form and the list of documents attached to it by writing to the association’s e-mail address:

Service Dog association TEODORS, 5 Braila street, Riga.

Members of the Board with Finnish guests, summer 2016

Members of the Board with Finnish guests, summer 2016