Aleksejs Volkovs: Chairman of the association
Aleksejs is a person with impaired in vision. In 2005, in a moment of youthful madness he sustained an eye injury. In an accident three years later, he was unlucky enough to seriously injure his other eye. As a result, Aleksejs became blind.Aleksejs Volkovs
In 2009, he had the opportunity to undergo the social rehabilitation program run by the Latvian Society of the Blind’s Rehabilitation Center, during which real professionals worked with Aleksejs for three months. Soon afterwards, Aleksejs started to use a white cane independently, enabling him to move freely about the streets of Riga, shop on his own in the city’s stores and attend various meetings and gatherings.
In the same year, he was also admitted to high school and qualified as a professional social rehabilitation specialist, so that he could help other people with impaired visibility at the rehabilitation center. Aleksejs is currently still working at the center.
At Christmas, Aleksejs was presented with a gift of a guide dog. From Latin, the name Teodors translates as God’s gift, which struck Aleksejs as being a most interesting coincidence. Now accompanied by Teodors, Aleksejs’ life changed even more radically, because the dog is now not only his best friend, but also his “bridge” to other people. He was invited to take part in the television program, “Golden Paw”; both of them visited schools to tell children about guide dogs and blind people, as well as taking part in summer camps together and even taking a trip to Finland to represent Latvia in an international guide dog competition.
In 2013, Aleksejs was admitted to the Baltic Psychology and Management University College. In the evenings after work and at weekends, he learns new knowledge, in order to raise his qualifications and obtain a diploma.
On 14 April 2013, on Teodors’ 3rd birthday, the service dog Association was founded at the Strazdumuiža village for the blind, and Aleksejs became this new association’s board chairman.
Through the example of his life, he is a role model for many people with impaired sight.

January, 2014