Get acquainted – Mango!
Born – 13 October 2016
Breed – Labrador retriever
Color – brown

Size-wise Mango is our biggest dog. He looks very noble. He is assistant to blind Andis as well as best friend to Andis’s family. Every morning Andis and Mango go for a run, which both enjoy. If Andis didn’t have Mango, he couldn’t be so independent. Mango helps Andis get to places where he otherwise couldn’t.

Mango in the grass

Mango in the grass

Mango tells his story:
“My name is Mango and you shouldn’t immediately imagine that I’m some fruit. I am a guide-dog, a brown Labrador, a slow and sensible dog and that sounds serious. Briefly to describe my life’s story: I was born in Latvia, and my first year was spent in Finland in a temporary family, or as it’s called here, a foster family. After that I was in the hands of several teachers here in Latvia, at this point I will not dwell on this period. Just over a year ago I found a master similar to me. It is a blind man named Andis. The first time trainer Zaiga took me to Andis and his family, I felt uncertain and I wanted to get home faster, but after several walks with this person, I understood – yes, this is my person.

Mango ar Andi

Mango with Andis

We like being together, walking together, sleeping together, although I must say each one in his own spot, we are lazy enough, but can be quick and decisive, together we undertake going to the store (although I’ve received news that previously my master would go to the store accompanied by a person). Oh! These stores, there are so many smells and you might say it’s not good sniffing the air, but you can’t even imagine, how intoxicated I am from this aroma bouquet! Sometimes, coming out, I am somewhat overtaken by myself, that my master calls me little prince. I don’t know
whether that’s good or bad, but I like it. Together we go to various events organized by my association TEODORS, where I feel very good, because I can meet my friends. Every day we go on shorter or longer walks, because others cannot walk like Andis, and I fully understand that he needs me. Sometimes I am not only my master’s eyes, but also his head, because it seems that sometimes he doesn’t know which path in the park will be best, but I can show him.

I like to travel! Not long ago Andis and I traveled to his birthplace Roja, and there was so much to see! I had a large backyard where I could see what’s happening far off, nice, long walks in the woods and by the sea, sea!!! Seeing the sea for the first time I didn’t really understand what it is. Yes, my dear water, but salty and even wavy, until I understood that there was no danger, and then joyfully I headed into this white foam and wind game – I jumped, ran and felt so very happy.

Not long ago I listened to my master’s conversation on the phone with another blind person, and he said: “Get a dog, otherwise you will spend your entire life inside and won’t go out. A dog makes you move more, whether you want to or not, and life will change both for you and the dog.”

Thoughtful Mango

Thoughtful Mango

Just try and say that a dog is not his master’s reflection!

P.S. Mango: “Since my master refused to write about himself, I’m writing.”

Baiba and Mango
Riga, September 2019