Photo: I.Žunde

Meet – NEIRA!
Born: April 7th, 2015
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Colour: Black

Neira, same as many puppies, spent a carefree and pleasant puppyhood. There were two children in the foster family, but the best games developed with Harold: they ran, did somersaults, and played hide and seek, as expected of children. Neira has always been a true gourmand, her puppyhood’s greatest treat – bananas, she could never resist their spell. If someone in the family ate a banana, Neira immediately tried to take it away. Slowly Neira developed into a smart girl dog, although not without naughtiness. If sometimes her master didn’t have time to play with her, Neira immediately found her own activities. She would chew a shoe, the TV remote, telephone or cord. Once her master noticed that the gate was not working. Neira had done some digging in the yard and chewed up the electric cord. Her foster famly had great difficulty in parting with the lively and love-filled Neira. (photo 01- I. Žunde Neira)

When she turned one, Neira went to trainer Zaiga Kļaviņa for lessons. As months passed, Zaiga understood the girl dog and searched for an appropriate master. Zaiga’s choice was blind Viktor Sergejev. In the beginning the trainer was concerned whether they would be able to work together as a team; however, it was a successful match.

As she slowly matured, Neira outgrew the mischief, she now has shown herself to be a very smart guide dog. She is intelligent and unobtrusive, always trying to help her master, be his eyes and closest assistant – together they make a great team. Viktor too is very active and curious, happy to go on long walks, plays sports, and utilizing the newest technical solutions for blind gardeners, grows splendid tomatoes and cucumbers in his hothouse. In all of this, Viktor is very successful. Neira is always there and ready to assist when needed.

Ligita Dawmberga, September,, 2018


Photo: L.Laķe