During the course of 2015, the service dog association TEODORS won greater public recognition and trust. Our success was built on a platform of lengthy, patient and professional work, and therefore, we are most grateful to everyone who made a donation to us, believed in us, supported us or simply wished us well.

During the past year, we have received €3,589.54 in donations and collected €129 in membership fees.

  • The biggest sum of money (€765.28) was spent on looking after our dog Teodors. This sum was used to buy his food, as well as to cover his medical costs.
  • We spent €464.10 on safety vests bearing our association’s logo.
  • On the trip to the competition in Finland, Latvia was represented by five participants and two dogs. €326.98 was spent for this purpose.
  • We spent €319 on a boating trip organised by the association.
  • We have bought visit cards bearing the photos of our dogs Teodors and Tikka for €65.34.

Several expenditures, e.g. on transport and veterinary services were often covered by organisation members themselves. The masters of the guide dogs Feja and Tikka look after their dogs themselves and Teodors’ master partly pays for his dog food. It should also be emphasised that all three of the association’s guide dogs were gifts from the association’s trainers Zaiga and Juha.

Your support is extremely important to us and we very much look forward to successfully collaborating with you in future!