In 2016, € 4,676.42 was received in donations, while €151.50 was collected in membership fees. Total: € 4 827.92.

The special medical treatment fund (established to fund medical care for our guide dog Teodors) received donations totallinga € 4 184.68.

In the spring, we received support for our seminar project “Provision of Social Assistance” from Latvian State Forests and € 5,000. This money was used for the aforementioned project: a series of seminars held on International Guide Dog Day on 27 April. Subsequently, three more seminars were organised in Latvian cities: in Cēsis (in May), Daugavpils (in June), and in Liepāja (in July), and we concluded the project with a hike across Saulkrasti. Under the auspices of the project, we collaborated with the Latvian Library for the Blind, and published an information brochure “THE SERVICE DOG AND HIS MISSION. Instructions for Methodological Collaboration with a Service Dog” in Braille, and in ordinary writing for those who can see, accompanied by an audio CD.

In 2016, we spent a total of € 2 406.69 .

  • The biggest sum of money was spent on buying food for our dogs: € 793.08 (we provided support for Teodors, Feja, and partly Latti and Tikka).
  • Approximately € 900 was spent on organising the International Guide Dog Competition in Riga (premises, hotel, competition accessories, and meals for participants).
  • On the trip to the trek in Finland, Latvia was represented by five participants and two dogs; the expenditures for this purpose came to € 326.98.
  • Printing business cards with photos of Teodors and Tikka cost € 65.34.
  • Bank commission charges amounted to: € 67.95.

Part of the costs were covered from private donations on the spot: for example, transport and veterinary services, road and work expenditures for invited canine specialists from abroad.

As a result of the call for donations, we received € 4,184.68 for Teodors’ treatment. We spent € 1,621.48 on Teodors’ care, and € 33.70 on Feja, leaving a balance of € 2,529.50, which we used to establish a Medical Treatment Fund for the organisation’s dogs.

2017 Cash Flow Statement as of 31.08.2017

Income: we received € 997.97 in donations, and a further € 210 in membership fees, receiving a total of € 1 207.97.
Expenditures: to date, we have received a total of € 1 356.36.
We have spent €148.42 more than we have received.
From the funds in our Medical Treatment Fund, we paid € 114.10 for a heart examination for Toni; the fund contains € 2,415.40.

Thank you to all our donors, because our work is dependent on your contribution!

We have received significant sums of money from our supporters in Finland, the U.S.A (the Ladies Committee of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Joint Congregation in Kalamazoo, and from the New York region Ladies’ Club), Canada (the Vasarāju family and friends) and the Riga Evangelical Congregation. In January 2016, the organisation obtained the status of a public benefit organisation; therefore we are unable to publish the names of Latvian donors. Special thanks once again to Zaiga and Juha for their gifts of three young guide dogs: Neira, Toni and Rīga, and for their tireless work and huge contribution on behalf of the organisation!