In 2017, the organisation received € 1147.42 in donations, € 210 in membership fees, as well as € 879 for the purchase of the guide dog, Serena. Total income: € 2 235.42.

In 2017, expenditures totalled € 6 384.05. We spent the biggest sums of money on:

  • the purchase of guide dog Serena € 4 000 ;
  • dog subsistence support: € 802.42 (food and dog toys; recipients of this support were Elfa, Serena, Toni and Feja);
  • dog veterinary and medical expenditures: € 453.68;
  • fuel expenditures: € 398.45 ;
  • legal services: € 340;
  • participation in the international guide dog competition in Estonia: € 150;
  • two years’ worth of bookkeeping services: € 90;
  • Bank commission charges: € 51.99.

As in previous years, part of our expenditures were privately funded: transportation and veterinary services, travel and work expenditures for cynologists from abroad. Cynologists provided free training for dogs and their masters.

As a result of the appeal for donations to fund Teodors’ medical treatment, donations totalling € 4 184.68 were received in 2016. We spent € 1 621.48 on medical care for Teodors, and € 33.70 on care for Feja. The balance as at 1.1.2017 was € 2 529.50 with which we established a Medical Treatment Fund for dogs. In 2017, we spent € 453.68 on training dogs. As at 01.01.2018, the balance of the Medical Treatment Fund is € 2 075.82.

Thank you to all our donors, because we would not be able to do our work without your support! We have also received larger sums of money from supporters in Finland, the United States of America and Canada. Since January 2016, the organisation has had public benefit organisation status, therefore we cannot publish the name of donors from Latvia. Once again, we would like to extend a special thank you to Zaiga and Juha for their gift of three new dogs: assistant dogs Elfa, guide dog Toni and for the partial gift of guide dog Serena, because we were unable to pay the full service dog price of €10 000.