Total income for the year €23.592,18 (2018 – €9.766,66):
Donations €18.732,46 (by the way: private donors from abroad €2.750,00), fundraising collection boxes, therapy dog testing €525,00, Juha and Finnish friends €2.000,00, Tornakalns church congregation €5.445,74 etc.;SB un Partneri anniversary € 2.200,00); Ellex Klavins Law Firm €670,00; – donations to promotional dog Joko €4.073,22; – membership fees €316,50;- Medical fund €470,00;
Our 5 projects are not included in the total amount of donations.

In 2019, expenditures totaled €14.487,78 (2018 – €10.223,55).

Major expenses:

  • special training for guide dog Zuze with Lolita and accessories €1.000,00;
  • support for service dogs €604,77 (partially bought food, dog accessories);
  • for guide dog Lulu €4.000,00 (€2.000,00 we paid for Lulu’s special expenses and €2.000,00 was transferred to the next guide dog);
  • international service dog competition in Rīga €1.219,56;
  • Joko expenses €1.930,90 (Joko purchase, food, treatment, insurance);
  • promotional material €450,60 (printing brochures, cards in LV and EN, bookmarks, information about guide dogs and foster families);
  • veterinary service and medicine €1.218,29;
  • trip to Tallinn for guide dogs Zuze and Mango exams €561,65;
  • for the project we paid €185,65 for food and health (total spent €4.885,65);
  • for the Rīga City Council project we paid €596,87 for the rental of premises (total spent €1.332,35);
  • Otrā Elpa project we paid €390,00 (total spent €3.390,00);
  • Photo Exhibition project we paid €176,51 (total spent €1.246,85);
  • Training Camp project we paid €208,45 (total spent €3.206,24).

On 01.01.2019 the Medical Treatment Fund for our dogs was €1.376,75 plus donations of €470,00, total: €1.846,75. 2019 veterinary expenses totaled €1.218,29. As of 01.01.2020. the Medical Treatment Fund has a balance of €628,46.

A lot of expenses this year as well were paid privately by Zaiga and Juha, such as: transport and veterinary services, travel and work expenses for invited cynologists from abroad. Cynologists provided free training sessions for service dogs and their owners.

Special thanks to all donors: those who make monthly donations, those who donate through or paypal, as well as those who contribute to the Association’s bank account. There are several ways to support our work! In the near future it will also be possible to donate via Mobilly

Only with your generous help we can continue our work and support people with special needs!

Velga Zēgnere
Rīga, 30.04.2020.