The hike across the Island of Örö was organised by the Finnish Society for Blind Children, who kindly invited us, Theodorians, to take part. Participants from Latvia in the hike were visually impaired Andris Ošāns with his dog Feja and Natalja and Ivans Muravjovs with their dog Latti. They accompanied by their friends Zaiga, Juha and Ligita. We departed from Riga in the late afternoon and stayed overnight in Tallinn. From there, we took the early morning ferry to Helsinki, before embarking Lasīt tālāk [...]
Dawn had only just broken on the morning of Sunday, 11 September, when the association’s first guide Teodors fell asleep forever. Unfortunately, in his case, medicine was powerless. His preordained destiny proved to be stronger than Teodors’ will to live, our efforts, support and hopes! Thanks to the large number of donors, Teodors recently underwent an operation in which a large tumor, one rib and a small part of his lungs were removed. Although the operation was successful and Teodors recovered Lasīt tālāk [...]
On 13 August, organisation asked for the help of the general public in connection with the sudden illness of our main guide dog Teodors, who was diagnosed as having a tumour, which left him fighting for his life. Thankfully, the response from the general public was and continues to be considerable. To date, we have received approximately EUR 4,000 to cover the costs of Teodors’ medical treatment. Teodors is a special dog who means a great deal to us and therefore we are doing everything possible Lasīt tālāk [...]
With the appearance of the spring sunshine, our association resumed its activities outdoors! The 2016 International Guide Dog Day in Latvia This spring, we were delighted to receive the news that a project we submitted entitled "Provision of Social Assistance" had received support from Latvijas Valsts meži/ We deliberately scheduled the first of a cycle of seminars to take place on International Guide Dogs Day, which was celebrated on 27 April this year. In the early afternoon, Lasīt tālāk [...]
Although, we all like to visit friends, welcoming guests can also be a lot of fun. On 7 May, the Service Dog Association TEODORS was delighted to welcome some special guests from Lithuania. Our visitors were comprised of 50 members of a society for the blind, including social workers, rehabilitation specialists, young massage specialists, ergotherapists and dog handlers and trainers, who’d travelled from Klaipeda and the suburbs of the City of Klaipeda. What was the reason for their visit? Not Lasīt tālāk [...]
On 2 October 2015, the organisation’s representatives set off to take part in the International Guide Dog Competition. This year, the competition was held in the Finnish town of Järvenpää. Latvia was taking part in the competition for just the third time and had to compete against notable competitors from both Finland and Estonia, where the guide dog movement is at a more advance stage of development. Latvia’s participation in the competition was arranged by the TEODORS service dog association, Lasīt tālāk [...]
In my opinion, this was a truly memorable event. Undoubtedly, before now, nobody had had the audacity to do anything like this in Latvia. The TEODORS service dog association organised a two day trip along the bands of the River Daugava for visually impaired people and their guide dogs. On the evening of 1 July, a group of brave individuals gathered at a campsite that is located on the right bank of the Daugava not far from Krāslava. They were comprised of visually impaired people from Finland, Estonia Lasīt tālāk [...]
The annual Riga Marathon took place on 17 May, attracting 25,931 runners from 69 countries around the world. Also taking part this year for the first time were representatives of the service dog association TEODORS. Young doctor Kristaps Dambergs ran the 21 km half marathon, while visually impaired Aleksejs Korsaks and his guide dog Tikka completed the 5 km distance with distinction, in so doing becoming the first blind runner to compete in the Riga Marathon together with his guide dog. Aleksejs Lasīt tālāk [...]
On May 17th, the Service Dog association TEODORS will be taking part in the Riga Marathon 2015 with 5 runners. 3 of the participants will be running a distance of 5 km but 2 will be even running the half-marathon of 21 km. If you like to support our association with EUR 1 per km (or more!), please click here to make a donation: One of the runners will be Aleksejs Korsaks from Daugavpils with his guide dog Tikka. We believe it is the first time a blind Lasīt tālāk [...]
There are about 285 million people in the world with impaired sight. 39 million of them are completely blind, and 19 million of them are children under the age of 15. In Latvia about 40 thousand people have serious sight problems, and 7 thousand of them are practically blind1. That is shocking data, and in everyday situation it is hard y to imagine how important environmental access, and sense of safety is to these people. In many places of the world increasing care is being taken to make life easier Lasīt tālāk [...]