(0) 2014-05-02 ELO Riga - Berlin

While Riga is decorated in preparation for a public holiday, on 2 May we flew to Berlin

(1) 2014-05-03 ELO Berlin

In Berlin, we visited ELO dog breeders LittleBigDogs and its owners Simone and Lutz

(2) 2014-05-03 ELO  Parchim

Zaiga and Dīva’s first encounter at Parchim

(3) 2014 Mai ELO  Parchim

Dīva studies us carefully from a safe distance

(4) 2014 Mai ELO  Güstrow

Next day, we take Dīva on a trip to Güstrow

(5) 2014-05-04 ELO Güstrow

At Güstrow Congress Halle which provided accommodation to many Latvian refugees during 1944/45.

(6) 2014 Mai ELO  Güstrow

Zaiga and Dīva go shopping

(7) 2014 Mai ELO  Parchim

A little walk around a blossoming rapeseed field

(8) 2014 Mai ELO  Parchim

Dīva says goodbye to her first home

(9) 2014 Mai ELO Berlin - Riga

At Berlin Airport, Dīva calmly waits to board the plane

(10) 2014 Mai ELO  Riga

We have happily landed in Riga

(11) Diva Latvija 2014-05-18

We have happily landed in Riga

(12) 2014-05-30 Daugava

At the end of May, we travelled to Daugavpils, stopping by the Daugava en route

(13) 2014-05-30  Daugavpils

At Daugavpils Library for the Blind, we introduce our society and Dīva listens calmly

(14) 2014-07 Diva  5 men.

Now that Dīva has grown up a little; she’s five months old and become increasingly lovely!

(15) 2014-07 Diva  5 men.

(16) 2014-07 Diva  5 men.

(17.1) 2014-08 Diva 1

Dīva is growing every day, she’s now six months old (August, 2014)

(18)2014-08 Diva 2

(19) 2014-08 Diva 3