A year ago, the Chairman of our service dog association TEODORS, Aleksejs Volkovs  lost his best friend, guide dog Teodors. We would like to train and deliver a new guide dog into his care in time for Christmas! Please help us to make this festive gift come true!

A year ago, we received the sad news that our first guide dog, who gave the organisation its name, had suddenly fallen seriously ill. The vets did everything in their powers to save him. Right until the end, everyone hoped that Teodors would overcome his illness, but sadly it was not to be. This was a devastating blow to Teodors’ master Aleksejs, because a deep bond of love and mutual affection and understanding had been established between the guide dog and Aleksejs. Sometimes, a mere movement or even thought was enough for them to understood one another. They really did live for one another. Such was his grief at Teodors’ passing that Aleksejs rejected the offer of a new dog.

Recently, trainer Zaiga took a long distance trip and asked Aleksejs to spend a few days looking after budding guide dog Serena. An unbelievable mutual affection blossomed between the two of them, and on this occasion the dog chose its master. Serena did everything she could to please Aleksejs, being extremely attentive and obedient. If, when asleep at night, Aleksejs would toss and turn restlessly, Serena would immediately go and check on him. Having made sure that all was well, she would lick Aleksejs’ face and return to her bed.

Aleksejs and Serena in October 2017

Aleksejs and Serena in October 2017

Even Aleksejs was unable to resist such great love. As soon as Serena has completed her training, Aleksejs will adopt her.

If you would also like to help Serena complete her guide dog training and find a home with Aleksejs more quickly, we would be most grateful for your donation in our organisation’s Donation account:

Servisa suņu biedrība
Reg.no. 40008208343
Swedbanka, HABALV22
Account: LV04HABA0551036537614
Objective: Serena

Or donate through Paypal:

You can study donation reports and find out more about our organisation’s work on our homepage section “Donations”. To date, the organisation has prepared seven guide dogs for Latvia’s blind or visually impaired citizens and one dog-assistant for a young woman with mobility problems, which is the first dog of its kind in Latvia. The dogs are officially registered with the Agricultural Data Centre as service dogs. Currently, there are 10 registered guide dogs in Latvia.

Velga Zēgnere
(board member, ph. 26024134)

Rīga, November 2017
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Aleksejs un Serena

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