Christmas 2021

  • Annual Report 2021
    Actively working, Service Dog Association Teodors has completed another year. Even though we are living with Covid-19 restrictions, our work has not stopped for a moment. Of course, it was not possible to organize some hikes, seminars or simple get-togethers – sharing experiences and impressions, yet work with the dogs continued daily….
  • International Guide Dog Competition in Riga
    On Saturday, October 5th, a very significant event occurred – the International Guide Dog Competition. Six guide dog owners with their four-legged assistants from Finland, Estonia and Latvia met for a long, responsible day…
  • To be together, to feel together and to understand together
    It’s a long, long time since I spent such meaningful and valuable days. Days not devoted to work or housework, but to my soul. The opportunity to take part in the training for service dog holders organized by the Service dog association TEODORS, as well as for their companions – dogs and people, that is, relatives or assistants, was like a gift to me…
  • Annual report 2018
    This has been the year of Latvia’s big anniversary – the year in which it celebrated its centenary! Meanwhile, this year the popular ensemble “Menuets” also celebrated a major birthday – its 50th…
Little Dambo. August, 2019

Little Dambo. August, 2019